And Still There Are Secrets

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I am driven to photograph the intangible---memory, dreams, mystery, time and, in this series, secrets. The photographs in And Still There Are Secrets represent some of my personal secrets, yet we all have secrets. It's not so important that the viewer discovers my secret, but rather the images are intended to invite viewers to confront or explore what they may keep secluded.

In the past, I have looked for the intangible in the world presented to me. I was an image "hunter", but with And Still There Are Secrets, I became a "cultivator" in that the photographs offered are scenes I created in a studio setting often having been sketched beforehand. The work was initially inspired by comments made by the artist Betye Saar about one of her works, as well as the imagery of certain pictorialist photographers. My background and interest in theatre is also present in staging, lighting and certain dramatic undertones in the images. While the photographs utilize the same female model and include objects, the pictures are neither portraiture or still-life, but rather narratives of an inner self.

Fine art by Patricia Delker