Home Turf

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In Ireland, the spiritual, mythical and magical forces are strong. They are embodied in the ancient stones, ruins, holy wells and the land itself. Here, too, the willingness to embrace or honor the unknown, including the creative force, is evident in Ireland's traditions---devotion to the written or spoken word, to music, to visual arts.

If home is where your heart resides, I have no doubt that mine resides on Irish ground. The first time I went to Ireland in 1998, as the plane flew low over the land, I strongly felt as though I was coming home. When the plane landed, I cried. As I revisit, year after year, the feeling only becomes stronger. My Irish ancestry is abundant, yet I have begun to suspect that it is my three times great grandmother, Honora Grogan Milliken Curtin, born in Kilydysert ,County Clare in 1824, who is stirring up my DNA, particularly since I soon found myself feeling most attached to west Ireland, County Clare and the Aran Islands, areas that she perhaps knew.

This portfolio, Home Turf is a simple visual poem about my Ireland.

Fine art by Patricia Delker